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Regular updates on the committee’s housing and transportation work can be found in the chapter’s bimonthly newsletter, The Voter.

The respected and widely distributed paper "Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Affordable Housing" can be found here.

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The League regularly send letters to various local decision-making agencies regarding housing/land use/transportation issues. The recent ones are included below.

2018 Letters

Golden Gate Bridge District Highway and Transportation District 7/10/18

Input on the proposed five options presented at the San Rafael Community Meeting on June 12. (Full Text)

Support for the Francisco Blvd. W. Multi-use Pathway Gap Closure Project 7/16/18

The proposed project will include a separated pedestrian and bicycle facility adjacent to the SMART train corridor and would provide the crucial connection that has been missing between the Cal Park Hill Multi-use Pathway and the San Rafael Transit Center, Marin County’s busiest transit center. (Full Text)

Support extending TAM's 2004 Measure A sales tax 5/30/18

The League is particularly pleased to have participated on the Expenditure Plan Advisory
Committee this past year and stands ready to assist you in securing a successful vote for this important
expenditure plan. (Full Text)

The League of Women Voters of Marin County has long focused on well-planned, accessible and inclusive public meetings. 5/17/18

We commend the County for its outreach to West Marin in planning for the April 30 Coast Guard housing facility meeting.  (Full Text)

Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District  5/13/18

Input on the proposed new San Rafael Transit Center as requested in the San Rafael Transit Center Ad Hoc Committee communication.  (Full Text

City of San Rafael Application for Urban Greening Program--2nd Urban Greening Coordinator, California Natural Resources Agency 4/2/18

The League of Women Voters of Marin County strongly supports the Urban Greening Program funding for the 2nd to Andersen Multi-Use Pathway project in San Rafael, California. (Full Text)

Application for Bicycle Facilities Grant Program 3/14/18

The League of Women Voters of Marin County supports the City of San Rafael's Request for BAAQMD Bicycle Facilities Grant Program funding for the 2nd Street to Andersen Drive Multi-Use Pathway
project. (Full Text)

Support for ADUs and J/ADUs 1/10/18

One solution that is providing an answer to ameliorate some of this exploding problem is the creation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (J/ADUs). (Full Text)


Land Use/Housing

Fairfax Planning Comm - Victory Village 1/11/17

The League of Women Voters of Marin County strongly supports the Victory Village senior housing project and urges the Planning Commission to recommend its approval by the Fairfax Town Council. (Full Text)

San Rafael Planning Comm 3/8/2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin County strongly supports the San Rafael Zoning Administrator’s approval of transitional housing for two homeless women and their small children at Our Lady of Lourdes Convent on the Dominican University Campus. (Full Text)

Marin Board of Supervisors 11/7/16

Supporting the Fair Housing Ordinance you considered at its Merit Hearing on November 8. This ordinance makes it illegal for landlords to refuse renters solely because their source of income is a Section 8 voucher, (Full Text)

Marin Board of Supervisors 7/17/15

Supporting the Planning Commission's 6-1 vote on the Development Code Amendment to retain the 30 units/acre allowed density for the Affordable Housing Combining District properties on specific sites already included in the county's Housing Element. (Full Text)

Larkspur City Council 5/20/2015

Supporting the further clarifications made by the Planning Commission. (Full Text)

Larkspur Planning Commission 5/12/2015

Supporting the clarifications the commission made to the Draft Housing Element and to protect areas designated for medium- and high-density development. (Full Text)

Mill Valley City Council 4/16/15

Supporting the Planning Commission’s adoption of the Draft Housing Element, focusing on: identifying the best sites in mixed-use areas and around shopping and transit stops; and Second and Junior Second units. (Full Text)

Forwarded to Representative Jared Huffman 4/15/15      

Letter to CLAM (Community Land Trust Assn. of West Marin) supporting the preservation of 36 affordable community homes and amenities at the U.S. Coast guard residential facility at Pt. Reyes Station in West Marin. (Full Text)

Larkspur City Council 2/18/15

Supporting the Planning Commission's adoption of the Draft Housing Element, focusing on second units and on Larkspur's central location near transportation, shopping centers, schools and job centers.  We reminded opponents that Larkspur, not the state or ABAG, has control over the location, size and design of new developments. (Full Text)

San Rafael City Council 1/2/15

Supporting the revised Draft Housing Element as written after it went through an extensive review process, focusing on maintaining the zoning on infill sites.  (Full Text)   

Marin County Board of Supervisors 12/1/2014

Supporting the Planning Commission's decision to support the Draft Housing Element as amended, focusing on:  the number of housing sites/units; specific programs affecting density, height limits, onsite parking, permit-review process and traffic impacts; and the concept of Density Bonuses. (Full Text


Community Input into the Planning and Design of the New San Rafael Transit Center 12/18/17

It is important that the City of San Rafael and Golden Gate Transit, who is managing this project, establish a clear and defined process for ongoing citizen input and then follow through on that plan. We recommend that this process be established as soon as possible.  (Full Text)

Mayor Denise Athas and Members of the Novato City Council  Re: Downtown SMART Station 5/23/2017 (Full Text)

The League of Women Voters strongly supports a "yes" vote on the fund exchange and accompanying resolution.

Urban Greening Coordinator, California Natural Resources Agency 4/24/17

The League of Women Voters of Marin County strongly supports the Urban Greening Program funding for the 2nd to Andersen Multi-Use Pathway project in San Rafael, California. (Full Text)

SMART Board of Directors - Multi-Use Pathway

Urging allocation of funding to complete the Multi-Use pathway. (Full Text)