Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative

One of those groups is the Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative (MEHC), which has been publishing “conversations” during recent months that are valuable discussions of major housing-related issues that are educational, not partisan.  Some of those writers are members of the TLUH committee. We highly recommend that our League members and those in the Marin community who want to get the facts about Marin housing issues go to the MEHC website ( and read all the past discussions and the new ones as they are published.

You also may want to read or reread the League’s August 2013 report on “Dispelling the Myths Surrounding Affordable Housing” that included members of MEHC as contributors. It remains up to date in the validity of its myths, although some of the statistics are somewhat outdated.

Affordable housing is hard, why bother?

Because it's important to everyone in Marin.

People who work here and don't live here. Residents who need the services of those people. People stuck in traffic, seniors stuck in too-large homes with too little money. Young people with little chance to raise a family in the town where they grew up. Nurses, teachers, restaurant servers and administrative assistants. Oh, and the culture keepers... writers and artists, musicians and actors and chefs.

Affordable housing is important for our quality of life. Less time in traffic. Healthier buildings. Cleaner air. Conserving water and electricity. Doing our part in all ways.

There's no shortage of reasons to support environmentally friendly affordable housing. MEHC will keep exploring how to get it done, with your help. Thanks for reading. (More)

Time To Lead on Climate

LWVMC co-sponsored a forum on climate change - "Time to Lead on Climate Change." The Community Media Center of Marin recorded and published the event. (Transportation Land Use and Housing Commttee)