Action Meeting - September 8, 10:00 - 11:30 am

9:30-10 AM Social Time: Come for coffee and treats. Conference Room F138, 4340 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael

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Pros and Cons Kick Off - Friday, September 5 @11:00 League Office

Friday, September 5th @ 11:00   League Office

Please plan to join us if you are interested in being on our November 2014 Ballot Measures Pros and Cons Team.  We will research the November statewide ballot measures, write scripts laying out the Pros and Cons of each measure and make presentations to local organizations. This is one of the most valuable services we provide to the voting public.  

If you are interested in being involved but are unable to attend the meeting, please contact         Margy Eller. 


San Rafael Plastic Bag Ordinance goes into effect September 15

The LWVMC has been supporting the progress of single-use plastic bag regulation in Marin County. On September 15th the San Rafael ordinance will take affect. To mark the occasion the City of San Rafael set up an information table at the San Rafael Farmers’ Market August 8th. City staff and volunteers offered helpful tips on remembering to use reusable shopping bags. The Marin LWV ad hoc Plastic Bag Committee chair Martha Fleischmann and League member Veda Florez helped at the booth and Climate Corps Bay Area Fellows created the grocery toss game.

Rather than just handing-out durable, black canvas​, ​reusable bags to passers-​by, the Fellows prefaced the toss game by reminding everyone, “The plastic bag ban in San Rafael begins on Sept. 15th​.”  The game took points away if participants threw food-shaped items into plastic bags and gave points for landing them in cloth vegetable bags. Kids of all ages not only learned the necessity of preparing for the bag ban, but also the importance of separating vegetable, meats and cleaning products when shopping. This simple educational game drew crowds of people. Everyone who played the “Toss Game” received their choice of a canvas grocery bag or woven vegetable bag.   

To receive your canvas bag and play the grocery toss game yourself visit the San Rafael Farmers’ Market ​on Sept 11th.​

Cassidy Anton, a Climate Corps Bay Area Fellow, and League member Martha Fleischmann


Join us, Thursday September 11th for the fall kick off!

Join the League for our Annual Fall Kick Off Meeting

With special guest speaker, David McCuan, Associate Professor of Political Science at Sonoma State University. Professor McCuan will speak on “The Continuing Reign of Money in California Politics from Sacramento to local elections.”

San Rafael Community Center, Thursday, September 11, 5 - 7 pm

RSVP to or Tel. 415-507-0824

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Action Meeting - Monday, August 4, 10 - 11:30 am

9:30-10 AM Social Time: Come for coffee and treats; Conference Room F138, 4340 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael

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