Briefs from the Board - June

The regular Board Meeting welcomed 2 new Board members, V-Anne Chernock and Linda Jackson. There are currently 13 Board members.

Plans were discussed for a possible Board-sponsored workshop in lieu of a retreat. Possible topic may be to discuss the local League’s relationship with the State League and the National Leagues (upstream leagues). Another topic may be to discuss and reiterate the LWVMC’s non-partisan policies and how to apply the rules for members.

Various openings in LWVMC committees and other County committees were filled by members nominated and approved by vote.

There was an evaluation/discussion of the Annual Meeting held on June 1 and lessons learned and suggestions for next year’s schedule.

There were final plans set for the Grand Jury Reception to be held on June 25 at the San Rafael Community Center.

Various standing committee reports were given and noted.


Board Briefs from the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held on June 1, 2015. Main items of business included:

  • Presentation of the proposed 2015-2016 budget
  • Presentation of recommended program with some changes to be recommended in the Local Governance position; Health Services in Marin; and Housing positions. Other positions retained without changes included the Boards and Commissions; Planning, Land Use and Growth Management; Coordination Among Local Governments; Education, Library Services in Marin County; and Transportation.

The Nominating Committee gave its report.

There were committee reports: The Education Foundation (LWVMC EF); Update on the LWVC Education Study covering higher education in California; a report was given by the two Marin League Board members who attended State League Convention in San Diego in May.

Directions/Suggestions to the Board from members were solicited and noted.

The meeting was followed by a presentation from the guest speaker, Lynda Roberts, Registrar of Voters of Marin County, on election matters.

A special reception and lunch followed the speaker.


Action Meeting - Monday August 3, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Hear updates from all the committees: Conference Room F138, 4340 Redwood Hwy, San Rafael 11:30am - 12pm Social Time: Come for coffee and treats

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International Relations - Course of Interest

Dr. Crystal Chang Cohen, a past International Relations Speaker, will be holding a course on the currents impacting today’s environment in the Far East … China the next superpower? Why was the Vietnam War such a disaster? When will North Korea implode?  Check out the course flyer here or contact her at


Join the study on higher education

Starting in September, the Marin League will join other California Leagues in studying public higher education in California. The study will run through May 15, 2016. League members interested in joining the study should contact chair Marcia Hagen ( Community members with expertise should also let us know so they can be resource for the study.