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A Message from your League President

Thanksgiving leftovers have dwindled down to make room in the ‘fridge for our next holiday feast.  And across the nation, believe it or not, election leftovers have dwindled down to a few key issues.  As we ramp up for 2017 in the Marin League, we can focus our New Year’s resolutions on those issues as they impact Marin County residents.

Here’s one key national League position:

  • The League of Women Voters believes that immigration policies should promote reunification of immediate families; meet the economic, business and employment needs of the United States; and be responsive to those facing political persecution or humanitarian crises.  Provision should also be made for qualified persons to enter the United States on student visa.  All persons should receive fair treatment under the law.

There’s more; for a full reading of this position, check our positions page on the website:  http://lwv.org/content/immigration

This week’s Marin IJ featured a front-page article about Marin’s major police departments refusing to support ICE sweeps in San Rafael and Novato.  This and other local government actions will go a long way to ease the anxieties that are sweeping through Marin’s immigrant communities.

Some of our League members are working one-on-one with residents of the Canal to assist them in their trek toward permanent, legal residency or citizenship.  Some will be heading to Mexico early in 2017 for a border tour.  They promise to bring back a comprehensive report.

And I encourage all of us to read media reports from Washington DC with an open but cautious mind. 


Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

  • Be sure to attend the monthly membership meeting next Monday, December 5, for a summary of transportation projects funded by the Transportation Authority of Marin (TAM).  This event is sponsored by our Transportation, Land Use and Housing Committee.
  • Our Education/Health Committee invites us all to attend a workshop by RxSafeMarin on Friday, December 9, regarding progress being made to promote safe use and disposal of prescription drugs.
  • Our Justice Committee invites us to join the 2016 National Vigil to End Gun Violence, scheduled for Sunday, December 11, sponsored by Moms Demand Action and several other local organizations.


More to come….

It's Over - But It's Just Begun

A Message from your League President

About a week ago, voters across the nation sat in front of their televisions, laptops, phones, watching Facebook, CNN, Fox and other channels, stunned at the surprising results of the presidential election.  Here in the “blue” Bay Area, children wept, students went to the streets and adults raged against…. what? 

Here in the League of Women Voters’ office, in the midst of several meetings last week, we reminded ourselves, over and over, that the League never supports or opposes candidates for political party.  So, however our personal anguish – or joy – over the election, we’re ready to move on to the business of watching – closely – the changes that are facing us over the next four years, in light of the League’s positions on public policies and how they impact our lives here in Marin County.

Do you remember those positions?

  • Representative Government:  Promote an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive.
  • International Relations:  Promote peace in an interdependent world by working cooperatively with other nations and strengthening international organizations.
  • Natural Resources:  Promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest.
  • Social Policy:  Secure equal rights and equal opportunity for all.  Promote social and economic justice and the health and safety of all Americans.

Candidate Donald Trump made many campaign pledges – about immigration, health care, international relations, and the environment – that could conflict with our League positions and/or impact Marin County.  President-elect Trump is already revising some of his earlier pledges.  It’s incumbent on us as League members to learn all we can about what really happens under President Trump, and to focus on ways to keep our League positions strong going forward.  We have much work to do!

More to come….


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