LWVMC Candidate Forums

The District Attorney's race will have a live forum at the San Rafael City Council Chambers on Friday, April 13.  You won't want to miss this - but if you must, the event will be live-streamed and available on video.

The District 5 Supervisor forum (Judy Arnold and Toni Shoyer) has been confirmed for Friday, May 4 in studio. Video will be available.

No other candidate forums have been scheduled at this time.

LWVMC Supports Corte Madera June 2018 Sales Tax Measure

The League of Women Voters of Marin County takes a position in support of Measure F, the Town of Corte Madera sales tax extension. Our support is based on the following factors: 

  • The evidence of meaningful citizen involvement in oversight of sales tax funded activityreflected in the minutes of the Sales Tax Citizens’ Oversight Committee
  • The identification of exposure and estimation of the Town’s anticipated capital costs associatedwith sea level rise as well as providing for the maintenance of existing flood protection infrastructure
  • The attention to and planning for funding of unfunded actuarial liability exposure in pensionobligations (CalPers) and other post-employment benefits (California Employers’ Retiree BenefitTrust)
  • The established “Sales Tax Override” fund to account for the use of the sales tax generated revenue stream
  • Transparency reflected in an up to date and well-maintained Town web site

LWVMC supports DIxie School District Parcel Tax Measure

The League of Women Voters of Marin County takes a position in support of the Dixie School District’s 2018 parcel tax measure appearing on the May 6, 2018 mail in ballot.

We recognize the severe impact on educational services that will occur should the parcel tax fail. 

In taking our position we considered the fact that this measure includes the following variation from the expiring parcel tax being: a one time initial increase in the annual tax and an annual inflator of 3%.

Professional personnel and related costs are required to achieve the “specific purposes” stated in the measure. We are mindful of the fact the cost of past and future professional resources is increasingly impacted by unfunded pension obligations and post employment health benefits. We also understand Marin School Districts are acutely aware of this issue and have expressed their concern in Sacramento.

We urge the Administration and Board keep the public informed of these costs, setting forth where there are local opportunities to manage them and to what extent identified measures to control cost have been or are planned to be taken. 

LWVMC supports Kentfield School District Parcel Tax Measure

The League of Women Voters of Marin County takes a position in support of the Kentfield School District’s 2018 Measure Parcel Tax proposal to appearing on the March 6, 2018 mail in ballot.

We recognize the severe impact on educational services that will occur should the parcel tax fail.  Our taking a neutral position on the failed November 2016 measure we cited two critical factors that have been adjusted in the current measure:

  • the annual inflator factor,
  • the accessibility to the public of the annual reports of revenue and expense allocation required by past and proposed measure wording; and,

The reduction in initial tax increase and the compounding factor have been modified and access to reports of revenue and expense allocation are readily available on the District’s website.

Once again, we officially take position in support of the passage of the Measure.

Opportunities to Build an Even Healthier Marin

 Marin County Public Health Officer, Matt Willis spoke to League Members at Monday's monthly membership meeting. Marin ranks high in the nation in overall health. However there are clearly issues to be addressed to maintain the high ranking.

To that end, Dr. Willis' talk covered issues related to vaccinations, opiod use, cannabis and health equity.

A pdf version (large file 16mb) of his powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here.


 Helen Hutchison President LWVC

Helen Hutchison

Big News! After almost 40 years, the LWVC is seizing the moment to close the corporate loophole in Proposition 13 that keeps too many companies from paying their fair share.

Since 2015, the League has been a part of the Make It Fair coalition—which today (December 16th) filed an initiative to do just that. The League campaigned against Prop 13 in 1978, and we’re excited to continue our leadership and help pass this critical reform.

Californians deserve world-class schools and universities, quality healthcare, safe neighborhoods, and affordable homes. That is what our taxes should pay for. It’s past time to close this loophole and stop letting big business rob our schools and local communities, impoverish future generations, and endanger California’s economic future. The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018 is the responsible, fair, and long-overdue tax system to ensure California can thrive now and in the future.

The California Schools and Local Communities Funding Act of 2018 will create a “split roll”; non-residential, non-agricultural commercial property will be reassessed on a regular basis. This will lead to an estimated increase in property tax of over $11 billion per year—revenue that will go directly to schools and local governments.

The LWVMC is a  partner in this fight! 

Join the LWVC Make It Fair listserv.
Make a plan to start gathering signatures in January. Recruit volunteers and set a goal!

Election Results

Local Election results Updated as of 11/15/17,  and available on the MarinVotes.org website or on the League's Voter Info page. Results are listed below each candidate forum. Measure information can also be found on the Voter Info page. As of today,  100% of the polling precincts have returned ballots to the Elections Department in San Rafael. Marin County has 74,175 registered voters with 20,000 eligible but not yet registered voters. read more

Election Endorsements

After study and discussion, the League of Women Voters of Marin has agreed to endorse two of the five measures on various local Marin County elections.

Statement of Support for Measure A, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure A, a parcel tax of $535 proposed by the Lagunitas Elementary School District to continue supporting vital education programs currently funded by a parcel tax set to expire next year. 

Anticipated revenue from this 8-year tax will be used for salaries for five classroom teachers, counseling, technology services and supplies.  None of these funds will be spend on administrative costs.  Eligible seniors are exempted from this tax.

Proponents claim that this parcel tax is essential to continue funding teacher salaries and associated benefits.  Opponents claim that the tax’s 6.5% proposed annual increase is excessive.

While the League recognizes that a 6.5% annual increase appears to exceed a “normal” cost of living increase of 1 to 2%, we believe that the District has made a compelling argument for the increase, and the League therefore supports the parcel tax.

Statement of Support for Measure E, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure E, a parcel tax (ranging from $47 for individual households to about $1,200 for large commercial properties) proposed by the Marin County Flood Control District Zone No. 1 to complete flood mitigation measures within the Novato area. 

Anticipated revenue from this 18-year tax is $20 million.  20% will be allocated to the City of Novato for local related projects; 50% will be used for tidal restoration, and 30% will go to repairing pumps and levees not currently funded by general revenues.  A preliminary list of needed projects shows estimated costs in the range of $25 - $42 million. 

Proponents claim that current Flood Control funds and revenues are insufficient to complete this work.  Opponents agree that more work needs to be done, but claim that funds can be secured elsewhere (e.g., through existing reserves, the County, or Measure AA).  

However, existing Flood Control Zone reserves are otherwise allocated; County funds are outside the control of the Flood Control District; and Measure AA (a large grant-funding source for the entire Bay Area) has no current plans to fund this work.  It is the opinion of the League of Women Voters that, with no guarantees for special funding in place, this parcel tax is a reasonable request.  The tax will be subject to annual audits, and eligible seniors may be exempted.