Support of physical and mental health services that include adequate planning, funding and trained personnel, with emphasis upon integrated programs that encompass the mental, physical and social needs of all individuals.

A. Objectives of this position:

  1. Support health services for Marin that are: available to people of all economic levels; part of a comprehensive health plan that includes a full range of services; accessible; staffed with adequately trained and screened personnel; adequately funded for all age levels; designed to include preventive services; well publicized; carefully and periodically evaluated.
  2. Encourage local government to play a strong role in meeting health care needs in such ways as: making local needs visible to other levels of government; being actively involved in health planning at all levels; acquiring long range funding for health programs; encouraging establishment, maintenance and enforcement of standards for licensing health facilities.
  3. Encourage community health agencies to work with schools toward prevention and early detection of health problems by: educating students, teachers and parents about health and nutrition; promoting family life education as part of the regular school program.
  4. Promote effective emergency services, including a helipad.

B. Objectives of position specifically regarding mental health:

  1. Support mental health services with emphasis on: community-based care for the mentally ill; a balance of preventive and treatment services; a sound evaluation process, including protection of confidentiality, incorporated in the community mental health services plan; a strong role for the Mental Health Board; closer collaboration between physical and mental health care providers.
  2. Support well-staffed effective community-based care that will: provide quality services; be sufficiently funded; have adequate facilities; provide satisfactory safeguards for public safety, including the safety of the patient.
  3. Support active League participation in education for community acceptance of Marin- based facilities and programs, with special focus on: broader media coverage; better public education; Increased public exposure to the problems of mental illness and substance abuse.

Adopted 1985, revised 1992, 2003, 2015
(Local position)