Support of long range planning, implementation, and periodic review to provide a balanced system of land use, open space, transportation, and economic development for Marin, to allow for orderly growth, to encourage social and economic diversity, and to safeguard the irreplaceable natural amenities of the county.

Support for planning that recognizes Marin County as part of the North Bay, the Bay Area, and the State of California.

Toward these goals, the League supports:

  1. Coordinating all planning efforts in the cities, towns, special districts, and county, and encouraging consolidation of services where appropriate
  2. Planning that takes into account Bay Area regional issues such as climate change, energy conservation, air quality, transportation, water supply, wastewater disposal, solid waste management, housing and open space
  3. Appointing or electing effective policymaking bodies backed by trained planning staff; e.g., planning commissions and Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO)
  4. Using the urban/rural planning concept of the Marin Countywide Plan, i.e., the Coastal Recreation, Inland/Rural, City Centered, and Baylands Corridors
  5. Promoting a healthy economic climate that provides and supports housing, transportation, infrastructure, the environment, and the funding of local government
  6. Improving the economic balance of housing and jobs within Marin County
  7. Maintaining and revitalizing city centers
  8. Setting rigorous design standards for new development and redevelopment that help achieve essentialhousing goals, maximize open space, and encourage public transit use
  9. Securing funding sources to implement capital improvement projects
  10. Ensuring that planning policies are implemented by appropriate zoning ordinances
  11. Including in planning:  access to essential social, health, educational, and public safety services
  12. Protecting ridges, wetlands, creeks, and wildlife habitat with buffer zones to preserve them in their natural state

Adopted 1975, Revised 1994, 2018