Support of a system of advisory boards and commissions in the cities, towns, special districts, and county of Marin that is representative of and responsive to the communities that they serve. (revised 1992)

Amplification of Position:

  1. The effective functioning of a board or commission is the responsibility of the appointing body.
  2. New boards or commissions should be established when there is an ongoing need in the community that cannot be served by an existing body.
  3. A board or commission should be disbanded when the need has been addressed or has ceased to be a significant factor. Boards and commissions should be merged when there is an overlapping of functions.
  4. Adhoc committees should be appointed for time-limited single-issue problems. It is important to have a charge and a timeline for these committees.
  5. The broadest participation of the community should be ensured by active recruitment of applicants by adequately publicizing vacancies and evaluating the credentials of all who indicate an interest, new applicants as well as incumbents. The appointing body needs to determine and publicize criteria for appointment, taking into account diversity and freedom from conflict of interest.
  6. Boards and commissions should undergo periodic evaluation by the appointing body to determine that a need for them still exists and that they are fulfilling their assigned tasks effectively and efficiently.
  7. Boards and commissions should have procedures for evaluating the effectiveness of individual members and for removing and replacing members who do not meet established standards.
  8. Each board and commission should prepare for its appointing body an annual report on its past year’s activities and plans for the coming year.

Adopted 1983; Revised 1992
(Local position)