LWVC Support a comprehensive pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade public education system which meets the needs of each individual student; challenges all students to reach their highest potential; and develops patterns of lifelong learning and responsible citizenship. Support improvements in education, based on access with both equitable and sufficient opportunities to learn for all students. Support a system of public education funding that is adequate, flexible, equitable, reliable and sustainable; derived from a combination of revenue sources; and distributed fairly to support access and equitable opportunities for all students. Support formulating broad general guidelines at the state level, with flexibility at the local level for developing and implementing program.

Adopted 1973; Updated 1985, 2005

LWVC Community College System: Support a statewide community college system with sufficient resources to fulfill its overall goal: to offer all Californians access to a quality higher education. Resources should be stable, accommodate all enrolling students, be fairly distributed among the college districts, and provide opportunities for long-range planning. Governance should allow greater authority within the system itself with local districts making key decisions about mission priorities to meet community needs. Adopted 2003

LWVC Support a comprehensive system of public higher education that serves the personal, professional, and occupational goals of all adult Californians and advances the social, economic, and civic needs of the state. To achieve these objectives, public higher education must prioritize access, affordability, equity, and excellence. These priorities require state funding, including student financial aid, that is stable, predictable, sustainable, and timely. 

Adopted 2016

LWVMC Support superior instruction for all students that provides a wide spectrum of academic, career and community enrichment including counseling and guidance services, administered and financed with sufficient flexibility to meet the continuing needs of students and community. Support equitable access to quality education at all levels of schooling, pre-kindergarten through college. Recognize the critical importance of early experiences to children’s readiness to learn to their fullest potential. Support programs that promote to early learning opportunities and family involvement. Provide support for funding well maintained, up-to-date facilities and equipment that support the goals of the Educational Master Plan.

Adopted 1989; Revised 2004, 2018

(State and Local position)