For more than 90 years, the national League of Women Voters has been helping people become informed voters and better citizens. We have done so by providing education about candidates and issues, and by encouraging folks to become more involved with their government at all levels, and not only at election time.

The League of Women Voters of Marin County is particularly involved with Marin government and local issues. Members of LWVMC attend meetings of the water districts, the healthcare district, and the College of Marin board, as well as the various meetings of city and county governments. Members also serve on citizen’s oversight committees of several governmental agencies.

We study issues, invite authorities to speak to us, and report our findings to the membership at large and to the public. In some instances, our studies are used to develop positions, 



which are the basis of our advocacy. We may write letters, join committees, or endorse ballot measures, based on the positions of the League at all levels — local, regional, state, and national. Take a look at our committees and positions to get the latest!

We recognize that democracy requires constant work, and LWVMC strives to ensure that all citizens have access to the democratic process and that the process itself remains transparent. In Marin County, we provide services to voters, including voter registration, sponsoring candidate and issues debates, and performing impartial analyses of ballot measures. We also fight for fair campaigns.

If you have an interest in local issues or safeguarding democracy, we could use your help!