Our Education/Libraries Committee recently learned that the Fresno League has developed a position on charter schools that they plan to submit to the con-vention delegation for consideration and concur-rence. Since this proposed position was not available during the Program Planning period, it will come for-ward as a non-recommended item and will require 3/5 approval for adoption.

The position grew out of a study that the Fresno League conducted on charter schools in the Fresno School District during 2016-2017. The study noted a number of concerns, including ”insufficient transpar-ency and accountability, significantly low achieve-ment in a number of instances, financial data that did not yield complete information, and state regulations that appear not to be uniformly enforced.”

The Fresno League’s recommendations to address these concerns are reflected in the proposed charter school position. Among these, the position states that Education Code regulations on the authorization and oversight of charter schools to be clear and enforced and that reporting requirements related to financial and academic data should be the same for charter schools as for other public schools. Additionally, the position calls for authorization and oversight of char-ter schools by local districts in the communities where the schools and their students reside.

In preparation for the convention, we will be discuss-ing the Fresno League’s charter school concurrence position at our next Education/Libraries Committee meeting on May 16 at 9:45 in the League office. You are welcome to join us.

Concurrence Position Full Report