LWVMC supports DIxie School District Parcel Tax Measure

The League of Women Voters of Marin County takes a position in support of the Dixie School District’s 2018 parcel tax measure appearing on the May 6, 2018 mail in ballot.

We recognize the severe impact on educational services that will occur should the parcel tax fail. 

In taking our position we considered the fact that this measure includes the following variation from the expiring parcel tax being: a one time initial increase in the annual tax and an annual inflator of 3%.

Professional personnel and related costs are required to achieve the “specific purposes” stated in the measure. We are mindful of the fact the cost of past and future professional resources is increasingly impacted by unfunded pension obligations and post employment health benefits. We also understand Marin School Districts are acutely aware of this issue and have expressed their concern in Sacramento.

We urge the Administration and Board keep the public informed of these costs, setting forth where there are local opportunities to manage them and to what extent identified measures to control cost have been or are planned to be taken.