LWVMC supports Kentfield School District Parcel Tax Measure

The League of Women Voters of Marin County takes a position in support of the Kentfield School District’s 2018 Measure Parcel Tax proposal to appearing on the March 6, 2018 mail in ballot.

We recognize the severe impact on educational services that will occur should the parcel tax fail.  Our taking a neutral position on the failed November 2016 measure we cited two critical factors that have been adjusted in the current measure:

  • the annual inflator factor,
  • the accessibility to the public of the annual reports of revenue and expense allocation required by past and proposed measure wording; and,

The reduction in initial tax increase and the compounding factor have been modified and access to reports of revenue and expense allocation are readily available on the District’s website.

Once again, we officially take position in support of the passage of the Measure.