League Honors Outgoing Civil Grand Jury Members

Last Thursday (June 29) the League welcomed a dozen outgoing members of the 2016-17 Civil Grand Jury and heard stimulating summaries about their eight reports for this year. Outgoing Foreperson Jay Hamilton-Roth (left) opened the discussion with an amazing summary of lessons learned during the jury's year of serviceConversations among League members and jurors, coupled with champagne and appetizers, ate up the remaining hour of the event.

The very next day, eight intrepid League members who also happen to live in Novato met at the Novato Administrative office to launch a discussion about the possibility of pursuing League action in Marin's northernmost city.  The discussion was robust and broad, including some of our favorite program topics:  housing, transportation, education, healthcare and justice.  The self-named "cohort" plans to meet again on the fourth Friday of every month at noon to further craft education, advocacy and action for Novato League members.