At the July 12 Board Meeting

In spite of vacation absences and busy schedules, the League Board had another productive meeting. Here's some of what we accomplished:

Acknowledged Veda Florez' resignation from the League Board and from the Bay Area League's Inter-League Network as LWVMC representative.  Veda continues her League service as a Board member on the Bay Area League.


  • Suki Sennett to the Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Kevin Hagerty to the Transportation Authority of Marin's Citizens' Oversight and Expenditure Plan Advisory Committees, replacing Pamela Gach, who, with Steve, has moved to San Diego.
  • Regina Bianucci Rus as League Observer for the Novato Unified School District Board of Trustees
  • KC Casey as League Observer (one of many) for the Novato City Council


  • New Novato Cohort (next meeting is July 28; contact V-Anne for more information)
  • Member mentoring program (contact Michael)
  • Membership renewal process
  • Changes to voter service subcommittee
  • Directions to the Board from members' meeting on July  10