Board initiates start of 2017-18 year

On, June 14, the new 2017-18 League Board met to start organizing itself for a new year.  Here's some of what was accomplished:


  • Ann Wakeley to the Board
  • Michael Chernock to the Executive Committee
  • Julie Monson and Michael Chernock to the Nominating Committee
  • Annie Layzer to the Marin County Election Advisory Committee
  • Kay Noguchi as alternate to the TAM Citizens Oversight Committee 
  • Julie MonsonScott McKownKay Noguchi, Sondra Wuthnow and Elaine Biagini to the Education Foundation Board as Class "B" Trustees

Approved formation of a six-month ad hoc Bylaws Committee, which will also review League policies and procedures:

  • Linda Deer
  • Scott McKown
  • Julie Monson
  • Sondra Wuthnow
  • Michael Chernock
  • DeeDee Butori
  • Beverly Savitt

Approved formation of a Climate Change Committee (whose next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6 at 9:45 a.m.)

Introduced several new initiatives that will be fleshed out in the coming months:

  • Observer Corps
  • Novato Cohort
  • "Third Monday"
  • Interactions with Sonoma and San Francisco Leagues