On April 11 the committee heard Bill Guerin, San Rafael Director of Public Works, discuss the city’s transit-related issues.  There was good news about the relocation of the Bettini Transit Center when SMART begins service through San Rafael.  He said that only one of the bus platforms would have to be closed, and the others would be config-ured to allow the trains to go through without relocating the center and putting buses on the streets.   He said all parties were working together on the crossings between San Rafael and Santa Rosa and on the Larkspur extension and creating the multi-use path through San Rafael to Larkspur, for which the Transportation Authority of Marin would provide the funding.  Ideas for the permanent transit center are being considered, with no agreement yet; consultant Steve Kinsey is pushing for enhanced com-munity input.

On May 1 the committee sponsored the Membership Meeting that focused on housing options for seniors who want to age in place rather than move.  Leslie Klor, who has worked at the Whistlestop Senior Center and the Mar-in Housing Authority, spoke about housing options for seniors who want to share their homes to bring in extra income or support services.  Jean Gunn, Chair of the Nova-to Village Steering Committee, spoke about seniors who prefer to age in place without tenants but occasionally need the help of outside services to do that.  (Novato Vil-lage is an affiliate of the Marin Villages program.)

On May 9 the committee heard Kevin Haggerty discuss the inaugural meeting of the Highway 37 Policy Committee, composed of representatives from Marin (represented by the Transportation Authority of Marin), Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties.  The Metropolitan Transportation Agency is also involved.   It will deal with the future of the highway vital to the four counties but severely damaged by the winter storms and facing sea-level rise that caused some closures last winter.  The committee will meet quar-terly and attempt to reach consensus on how to meet the divergent goals and requirements of the four counties, pay the enormous costs involved, and find public support for the growing costs.