Environmental Task Force Recent Projects

The Environmental Task Force had its first meeting on March 15 of this year. The task at hand was to develop the charter and framework for a new committee focused on environmental issues. Wasting no time, the group took on two projects: 1- hosting a booth at Drake High School’s Earth Day event, on April 21 and 2- accepting the board’s invitation to be the keynote presenter at the June 5 Annual Meeting.

The Drake High event gave the League the rare opportunity to mingle with the youth of Marin around the topic of climate legislation with the message “you may be too young to vote, but you have voice, and you need to be heard”. In response, over 30 enthusiastic students signed postcards to State Representative Mike McGuire and State Assemblyman Marc Levin, urging them to support SB32 and SB350. Michael Chernock then hand-delivered the signed postcards to their offices at the Marin Civic Center.

During April and May the group focused on its second project, preparing its message for the Annual Meeting, “Changing Climate Change”. The theme focused on the relevance of climate change in today’s world, no matter what the issue. This, in turn, has had an impact on the League’s vision in moving forward, be it national, state, regional or local. With that, the Marin League is gearing up to increase its relevance and capitalize on renewed interest in civic engagement.

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