Board Briefs from March 8, 2017

The League's Board meeting on March 8 was exceptionally energetic.  We've expanded our meetings to two hours to allow time to cover a wide variety of topics and actions.  Here are just a few:

  • The Board appointed President V-Anne Chernock and Director Suki Sennett as delegates to the League's Regional Biennial Council, to be held in Sausalito on April 29.  Other League members may attend as non-voting delegates.
  • The Board reviewed the draft budget for 2017-18, discussed recommendations to be presented to the membership at our June 5 annual meeting, and approved a $1,000 donation to Voter's Edge California.
  • The Board received an invitation to start a dialogue with Common Cause about possible collaborations.  League members who wish to comment or participate in this effort may contact President Chernock for more information.
  • The Board heard another (monthly) in-depth report from Director John Eells about national voting laws.  This month's report was largely based on an article by the Brennan Center for Justice.  It's worth perusing!