February 2017 Meeting Report

Wow – what a great meeting we had on Monday! The rain held off long enough to get us all in, through and out without the need for umbrellas or boats, and almost 50 people packed the League conference room for a solid two hours.

If you attended the meeting, you know that we introduced two visitors from the Sonoma League; said hello to four brand new members; and greeted at least three long-time members who’ve been out of action for a while.  Our regulars – about 30 – were gracious and welcoming to everyone who attended.

DeeDee and Marcia (2).jpg

One of our new members, Dee Dee Butori, brought four friends and reported on her extraordinary experience marching in Washington, DC on January 21.  A dozen others who stayed closer to home shared their marching experiences in San Francisco and elsewhere around the Bay. 

Then we moved on to Program Planning, which focused on (1) announcing our committees’ plans for 2017; and (2) reviewing and choosing focus areas to recommend to the California League. 

The Marin League’s committee plans for 2017 are way bigger than we can report here.   Watch our website, newsletters and the Voter for updates in the coming months.

We were then asked to select three areas of interest to recommend to the State League for further action.  The three we selected – by a large margin – were

  • Affordable health care:  ensure California maintains and expands affordable health insurance programs
  • Public employee post-employment compensation:  update League's position on state and local finances to clarify impact from defined benefit pensions and retirement health benefits
  • Immigration:  protect immigrant communities throughout California

Following close behind:  charter schools and voucher programs; criminal justice; and housing.  If any of those three are your passion, never fear:  we have solid education, justice and housing committees working on these issues.

Finally, we were asked to weigh in on how we use our positions to advocate for a cause.  Should we, the State asked, continue to rely on specifics in each position, and require update studies to change these details?  After a short, lively but cordial debate, the members voted to recommend continuing this long-time practice. 

Now, if you didn’t attend Monday's meeting, look what you missed!