Election Endorsements

After study and discussion, the League of Women Voters of Marin has agreed to endorse two of the five measures on various local Marin County elections.

Statement of Support for Measure A, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure A, a parcel tax of $535 proposed by the Lagunitas Elementary School District to continue supporting vital education programs currently funded by a parcel tax set to expire next year. 

Anticipated revenue from this 8-year tax will be used for salaries for five classroom teachers, counseling, technology services and supplies.  None of these funds will be spend on administrative costs.  Eligible seniors are exempted from this tax.

Proponents claim that this parcel tax is essential to continue funding teacher salaries and associated benefits.  Opponents claim that the tax’s 6.5% proposed annual increase is excessive.

While the League recognizes that a 6.5% annual increase appears to exceed a “normal” cost of living increase of 1 to 2%, we believe that the District has made a compelling argument for the increase, and the League therefore supports the parcel tax.

Statement of Support for Measure E, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure E, a parcel tax (ranging from $47 for individual households to about $1,200 for large commercial properties) proposed by the Marin County Flood Control District Zone No. 1 to complete flood mitigation measures within the Novato area. 

Anticipated revenue from this 18-year tax is $20 million.  20% will be allocated to the City of Novato for local related projects; 50% will be used for tidal restoration, and 30% will go to repairing pumps and levees not currently funded by general revenues.  A preliminary list of needed projects shows estimated costs in the range of $25 - $42 million. 

Proponents claim that current Flood Control funds and revenues are insufficient to complete this work.  Opponents agree that more work needs to be done, but claim that funds can be secured elsewhere (e.g., through existing reserves, the County, or Measure AA).  

However, existing Flood Control Zone reserves are otherwise allocated; County funds are outside the control of the Flood Control District; and Measure AA (a large grant-funding source for the entire Bay Area) has no current plans to fund this work.  It is the opinion of the League of Women Voters that, with no guarantees for special funding in place, this parcel tax is a reasonable request.  The tax will be subject to annual audits, and eligible seniors may be exempted.