Election Results

Local Election results Updated as of 11/15/17,  and available on the MarinVotes.org website or on the League's Voter Info page. Results are listed below each candidate forum. Measure information can also be found on the Voter Info page. As of today,  100% of the polling precincts have returned ballots to the Elections Department in San Rafael. Marin County has 74,175 registered voters with 20,000 eligible but not yet registered voters. read more

Election Endorsements

After study and discussion, the League of Women Voters of Marin has agreed to endorse two of the five measures on various local Marin County elections.

Statement of Support for Measure A, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure A, a parcel tax of $535 proposed by the Lagunitas Elementary School District to continue supporting vital education programs currently funded by a parcel tax set to expire next year. 

Anticipated revenue from this 8-year tax will be used for salaries for five classroom teachers, counseling, technology services and supplies.  None of these funds will be spend on administrative costs.  Eligible seniors are exempted from this tax.

Proponents claim that this parcel tax is essential to continue funding teacher salaries and associated benefits.  Opponents claim that the tax’s 6.5% proposed annual increase is excessive.

While the League recognizes that a 6.5% annual increase appears to exceed a “normal” cost of living increase of 1 to 2%, we believe that the District has made a compelling argument for the increase, and the League therefore supports the parcel tax.

Statement of Support for Measure E, November 2017

The League of Women Voters of Marin endorses Measure E, a parcel tax (ranging from $47 for individual households to about $1,200 for large commercial properties) proposed by the Marin County Flood Control District Zone No. 1 to complete flood mitigation measures within the Novato area. 

Anticipated revenue from this 18-year tax is $20 million.  20% will be allocated to the City of Novato for local related projects; 50% will be used for tidal restoration, and 30% will go to repairing pumps and levees not currently funded by general revenues.  A preliminary list of needed projects shows estimated costs in the range of $25 - $42 million. 

Proponents claim that current Flood Control funds and revenues are insufficient to complete this work.  Opponents agree that more work needs to be done, but claim that funds can be secured elsewhere (e.g., through existing reserves, the County, or Measure AA).  

However, existing Flood Control Zone reserves are otherwise allocated; County funds are outside the control of the Flood Control District; and Measure AA (a large grant-funding source for the entire Bay Area) has no current plans to fund this work.  It is the opinion of the League of Women Voters that, with no guarantees for special funding in place, this parcel tax is a reasonable request.  The tax will be subject to annual audits, and eligible seniors may be exempted.


November Elections - Voter Reference CALENDAR

September 28: Voter Information Guide/Sample Ballot booklets mailed

October 9: Vote-by-mail ballots mailed and voting begins in Elections Department weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

October 23: Last day to mail voter registration form

October 24-November 7: Register and vote in the Elections Department

November 7, Election Day: Polls open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Elections Department open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. for registering and voting by mail. 

November 10, Vote-by-mail ballot envelopes must be received at the Elections Department.

Immigration issues in Marin Highlight Fall Kickoff


Here are snippets of immigration situation in Marin, as offered by Public Defender Jose Varela, San Rafael Police Chief Diana Bishop, Canal Alliance Director Omar Carrera and West Marin advocate Maria Niggle:

  • Everyone in the United States who is not Native American (indigenous) comes from an immigrant family.
  • Fifty years ago there was no border between the United States and Mexico.  Residents walked freely between countries as neighbors, co-workers, friends, family.
  • Today more Mexicans are leaving the United States than are coming in – because the Mexican economy is improving.
  • Immigrants come to the United States for jobs - and jobs are plentiful here in Marin County.
  • Fear in the local immigrant communities is pervasive and contagious.  West Marin maintains a telephone hotline to alert residents of impending ICE raids.  Residents in the Canal report being afraid to leave their homes. 
  • Crops are dying in American fields today because farm workers are not coming out to work.
  • Children have been taught what to do when (not if) their parents are taken away during the day and don’t pick them up after school.  Worse:  children are being taken out of school.
  • Congressman Jared Huffman has established an Advance Authorization Form for immigrants to give his office permission to act on behalf of a detained immigrant.
  • In San Rafael, police are well trained to be advocates of safety for all residents, without regard to immigrant status.

Fall Election Candidate Forums


All moderated by LWVMC;
all open to the public

Marin Community Service District
Tues. October 3
7-8:30 pm
St. Andrew Pres. Church
101 Donahue, Marin City

Novato City Council
Thurs. October 5
6-7:30 pm
Novato SD Board Room
7th and Grant, Novato

Sausalito City Council
Thurs. October 11
7-9 pm
Spinnaker Restaurant
100 Spinnaker Dr, Sausalito

It is Membership Renewal Time

It’s time once again to renew your annual membership in the League for 2017-2018 (September 1, 2017 through August 30, 2018).

Each member has been sent renewal instructions correspondence August 1. That mailing was followed by an email to your member address on file with us. The email contains a link to your member record where you can pay your membership renewal dues online.

In the event you did not receive the mailing, email or have other membership questions please contact us at:  memberdbadmin@marinlwv.org

We hope you’ll continue to support the League as we move into our ninth decade of civic activity in Marin County, reaching toward our 100th anniversary as a National League (in 2020).

At the July 12 Board Meeting

In spite of vacation absences and busy schedules, the League Board had another productive meeting. Here's some of what we accomplished:

Acknowledged Veda Florez' resignation from the League Board and from the Bay Area League's Inter-League Network as LWVMC representative.  Veda continues her League service as a Board member on the Bay Area League.


  • Suki Sennett to the Bylaws/Policies and Procedures Committee
  • Kevin Hagerty to the Transportation Authority of Marin's Citizens' Oversight and Expenditure Plan Advisory Committees, replacing Pamela Gach, who, with Steve, has moved to San Diego.
  • Regina Bianucci Rus as League Observer for the Novato Unified School District Board of Trustees
  • KC Casey as League Observer (one of many) for the Novato City Council


  • New Novato Cohort (next meeting is July 28; contact V-Anne for more information)
  • Member mentoring program (contact Michael)
  • Membership renewal process
  • Changes to voter service subcommittee
  • Directions to the Board from members' meeting on July  10