The Governance Committee is in the initial stages of creating educational materials designed to inform the public on the issues related to deferred compensation for public employees.

A substantial percentage of cities, towns and the county budget goes to the compensation of personnel. That portion of employee compensation that is deferred, that is to be paid in the future (pensions and health care costs), must be properly disclosed and administered. Failure to do so can result in accumulation of debt to be paid in the future for past obligations. There are number of instances nationally and in California where runaway debt has adversely impacted the ability of governments to provide services.

The discussion around this issue involves the use of highly technical terminology. Our objective is to develop material to translate for the layperson’s consumption the terminology using examples and/or in a glossary format.

Additionally, the Committee has been looking into what the appropriate role of the public is in providing input to the public employee labor wage negotiation process.


Both deferred compensation and role of public input in the labor wage negotiation process are expected to be subject of initiatives reaching the ballot for the November 2016 Presidential Election.

The Committee has heard from representatives of the Citizens For Sustainable Pension Plans, Marin County Employ Retirement Association and the Marin Association of Public Employees.

If you are a member interested in this topic we invite you to join the Committee. We meet in the LWVMC office on the first Friday every month for an hour beginning at 9:30 AM. You are welcome to join us. If you have any questions contact Scott McKown.