Debates on MarinTV

The League of Women Voters of Marin County produces video programs as a way of making important information more accessible to the community. This is true particularly of the candidate debates that we sponsor and moderate.  These debates can be viewed on MarinTV, the county’s local public access television provider (Comcast channels 26 and 27, AT&T channel 99), as well as on our website,, and on the Community Media Center of Marin’s website, The schedule will be posted here when the productions become available.

For a behind the scenes look at assembling a debate, take a look at setting up for a debate at the Community Media Center of Marin.

2014 Elections - Local Debates

Channel 27 for Comcast Subscribers, Channel 99 for ATT U-Verse subscribers.


Board of Supervisors, District 1


Board of Supervisors, District 5


Ross Valley Sanitary District, Division 1


State Assembly District 10


State Senate District 2

Debates from previous elections can be found on the Community Media Center of Marin’s You Tube Channel.


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