Marin Local

The County of Marin - The Public Portal contains financial information provided by candidates and committees. It can answer questions about who is contributing money, who is receiving money, and how it is being spent.

City of San Rafael -  Disclosure of independent expenditures in City Elections. Voters are provided information on contributors, contributions and expenditures in a timely manner.

Town of San Anselmo - Town of San Anselmo Town Clerk maitains records of contributions and Independent Expenditure Committee financial support.


 Center For Responsive Politics - (  The Center for Responsive Politics is the nation’s premier research group tracking money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy. (more about)

Federal Election Commission (FEC) - The duties of the FEC, which is an independent regulatory agency, are to disclose campaign finance information, to enforce the provisions of the law such as the limits and prohibitions on contributions, and to oversee the public funding of Presidential elections. (more about) (Answers to common questions.)

Fact Checking sites

Listed below are campaign message “fact-checking” websites and a brief description of the organizations sponsoring the sites. 

Tampa Bay Times ( - PolitiFact is a project of the Tampa Bay Times and its partners to help you find the truth in politics. (How the Truth-O-Meter Works) - Wikipedia description

Annenberg Public Policy Center At the University of Pennsylvania ( - a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. (more about

Annenberg Public Policy Center At the University of Pennsylvania ( - is a video-based counterpart to APPC’s award-winning program uses parody and humor to debunk false political advertising, poke fun at extreme language, and hold the media accountable for their reporting on political campaigns (more about)


California Voter Foundation (CVF) - Through research, oversight, outreach and demonstration projects, to work for improvements in the election process so that it better serves the needs and interests of voters. (more about)

Cal Access - Cal-Access provides financial information supplied by state candidates, donors, lobbyists, and others to the California Secretary of State.

California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) - The role of the FPPC is to ensure transparency in election campaigns. Full disclosure of contributors to ballot measure committees allows voters to make informed decisions. 

The National Institute on Money in State Politics - ( The National Institute on Money in State Politics is a national nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to accurate, comprehensive and unbiased documentation and research on campaign finance at the state level. (more about)

Voter’s Edge ( Voter’s Edge California (VEC) is a joint project of MapLight and the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund (LWVCEF). Voter’s Edge California is a comprehensive, nonpartisan online guide to elections covering federal, state, and local races in the state of California. (more about)

California Fair Political Practices Commission (fppc) The role of the Fair Political Practices Commission is to ensure transparency in election campaigns. Who is funding ballot measures. (The FPPC was created by the Political Reform Act of 1974, a ballot initiative passed by California voters in 1974 as Proposition 9.)

Power Search can be used to quickly search for contributions to candidates and ballot measures and contributions from individuals, businesses and other campaign committees.